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Fri 03 November


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RADIUS is a particular subterranean space. A place for art without windows, or any natural light coming in. In many ways it resembles a root cellar, a storage location that uses the natural cooling, insulating, and humidifying properties of the Earth. These intimate conditions, away from radiation, dark, are great for fermenting, not only food but perhaps also ideas and attitudes. 

As part of their participation in the exhibition RADICAL SYMBIOSIS: THE SOCIAL LIFE OF MICROBES, Escuela de Garaje is organising a series of events intrinsic to their curriculum and in conversation with the exhibition. This version of the garage school takes the form of an underground speakeasy, a place where they have been fermenting and distilling different wines and spirits, such as honey wine made with raw honey harvested in Delft, foraged black berry moonshine or malt wine.

Every Friday until the closure of the exhibition, Escuela de Garaje will host different collectives and collaborators for a two-hour happy-hour in their fermenting bar in the exhibition space. For this iteration of the school, they adopt the “underground”, in terms of the architectural aspects of RADIUS, but also metaphorically in connection to the invisible, the unseen, the illegal, or the informal.

The curriculum of the school is made up of some long-term collaborators of Escuela de Garaje, all of them working one way or another with the underground. The collectives will host a happy-hour in the bar, after RADIUS closes to the public, from 17:00 – 19:00.


The (Toxic) Soil Study Group was initiated in 2022, following the desire to explore and learn ways to relate to the soil. The title and form of the group borrow from Fred Moten and Stefano Harney's notion of study as 'the spontaneous sociality of lived experience'. Meeting bi-monthly, the group (a shifting group of students, teachers, researchers of the Willem de Kooning Academy/Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam) has expanded the notion of what it means to study together. They talk, read, and plant (literally and metaphorically) seeds, share sound and moving image, and work with their hands in the soil. The group has fostered non-institutional, informal learning spaced within and between institutions.

For their bar night at RADIUS they offer a 'recipe for a conversation'. Each soil study group member will contribute one ingredient to this recipe. Similarly to how soil is composed, or recipes are developed, each element is initially distinct and will gradually entangle and synthesise into the shared ground of our conversation. 

⌀ Number of sessions: 3 sessions, 120 minutes each
⌀ Dates: November 3, November 10, November 17
⌀ Start: 17:00
⌀ Duration: 17:00 – 19:00
⌀ Language: English
⌀ Ticket price: €0 / €5
⌀ Location: RADIUS CCA, Kalverbos 20, 2611 XW, Delft
⌀ Please note that the location is not wheelchair accessible
⌀ Please be at the reception of RADIUS five to ten minutes before 17:00. Once the event starts, it cannot be joined