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Fri 17 November


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RADIUS is a particular subterranean space. A place for art without windows, or any natural light coming in. In many ways it resembles a root cellar, a storage location that uses the natural cooling, insulating, and humidifying properties of the Earth. These intimate conditions, away from radiation, dark, are great for fermenting, not only food but perhaps also ideas and attitudes. 

As part of their participation in the exhibition RADICAL SYMBIOSIS: THE SOCIAL LIFE OF MICROBES, Escuela de Garaje is organising a series of events intrinsic to their curriculum and in conversation with the exhibition. This version of the garage school takes the form of an underground speakeasy, a place where they have been fermenting and distilling different wines and spirits, such as honey wine made with raw honey harvested in Delft, foraged black berry moonshine or malt wine.

Every Friday until the closure of the exhibition, Escuela de Garaje will host different collectives and collaborators for a two-hour happy-hour in their fermenting bar in the exhibition space. For this iteration of the school, they adopt the “underground”, in terms of the architectural aspects of RADIUS, but also metaphorically in connection to the invisible, the unseen, the illegal, or the informal.

The curriculum of the school is made up of some long-term collaborators of Escuela de Garaje, all of them working one way or another with the underground. The collectives will host a happy-hour in the bar, after RADIUS closes to the public, from 17:00 – 19:00.


This event will be moderated by María Angélica Madero and Santiago Pinyol, in collaboration with Laura Emsley. Intersemiotic translation or transmutation is an interpretation of verbal signs from nonverbal sign systems. To think about caves is already an act of translation—cultural, temporal and spatial. At the core of this event there will be an exploration of the concept of the mind as an underground cave. Drawing inspiration from ancient times, the spirit of the Palaeolithic will be invoked with its various forms of abstraction, ranging from visual representations to internal struggles, from rationality to the depths of the unconscious. Participants in this workshop will be encouraged to engage in speculation, interpretation, and create their own abstractions.

⌀ Decolonial (re)mediators is a pirate editorial platform with the objective of decolonizing translation itself. They examine translation as a method and a radical form of sharing and subverting knowledge. They view translation as a political endeavour that involves translating texts and other materials related to decolonial theory. They explore questions related to decolonial thinking and its impact on understanding and expression, approaching the form and content of the text as a radical starting point.
⌀ María Angélica Madero has served as a bureaucrat in various educational institutions. Today, she is adopting a more radical approach, eliminating categories that restrict her. She believes that images are equally important as words and numbers, and she exclusively works in a collaborative manner. Currently part of the founding faculty at The London Interdisciplinary School.
⌀ Based between Rotterdam and Bogotá, Santiago Pinyol is an undisciplined artist who situates his practice on the coastline between art and education. He really likes to take part and to initiate collective intelligences. He earns his living as a factory assemblyman at the Willem de Kooning Academy and by producing commodities for SGR Gallery.
⌀ Laura Emsley is an artist using caves to enter the Earth, taking her into a place which loosens the mind. Here sub-merging dissolves entrenched mind-maps allowing new underground routes to form. Through real encounters with these voids, she journeys along unexpected trajectories, merging the personal, political and present with deep human time and in this directly experienced way explores current concerns of ecology, gender and race.

⌀ Number of sessions: 3 sessions, 120 minutes each
⌀ Dates: November 3, November 10, November 17
⌀ Start: 17:00
⌀ Duration: 17:00 – 19:00
⌀ Language: English
⌀ Ticket price: €0 / €5
⌀ Location: RADIUS CCA, Kalverbos 20, 2611 XW, Delft
⌀ Please note that the location is not wheelchair accessible
⌀ Please be at the reception of RADIUS five to ten minutes before 17:00. Once the event starts, it cannot be joined