CCA  Center for Contemporary Art and Ecology 


March – April 2024

Step into the perspective of other living beings and see the world through a new lens! Collaborating with artist and activist bambi van balen and Branco van Gelder | TOOLS FOR ACTION, RADIUS has developed the interactive tour BECOMING OTHER that centres around imaginative powers and empathy.

bambi van balen and Branco van Gelder | TOOLS FOR ACTION focus their practice on educational programs and how to engage future generations in political action, through the use of various tools and costumes. During the workshop BECOMING OTHER, primary school students visit the current exhibition THE DESIRE FOR A DONUT(ECONOMY), guided by experienced art mediators. The students explore topics such as mass consumption, climate change and sustainability, through imaginative exploration in the form of various interactive assignments embedded in the exhibition. How can we act in the interest of nature and what can we learn from other beings about collectivity and coexistence?

⌀ Primary education: Class 5 and 6.
⌀ Students become aware of their own surroundings and are encouraged to see the world through different lenses.

⌀ This program was developed by bambi van balen and Branco van Gelder | TOOLS FOR ACTION, in collaboration with RADIUS and DOK KunstKLIK.
⌀ This program was realized with the support of the Het Cultuurfonds, Municipality of Delft, DOK-KLIK, De Schepper Delft Stichting, and Stichting voor Hulp aan Delftse Jongeren.