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Sun 11 February

Panel Talk with Hilda Moucharrafieh and Michiel Bot

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RADIUS is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion with Hilda Moucharrafieh and Michiel Bot. The panel discussion will take place on Sunday the 11th of February and is a part of a series of closing events for the current exhibition THE POLITICS OF THE ARMED LIFEBOAT. 

The panel discussion will revolve around the Eurocentric ethics of humanitarianism, in light of the recent withdrawal of funds from UNRWA by several countries (including the Netherlands), in connection to how state ideologies affect the educational and cultural capacity of expression. The talk will also reflect on the political implications of the current necropolitical ideological configuration that not only denies Palestinians the right to speak, but also the right to live. What does it mean that political opposition now revolves around opposition to genocide and around the insistence that Palestinians have a right to life, that Palestinian lives matter?

HILDA MOUCHARRAFIEH is an artist, tutor and cultural practitioner based in Amsterdam. Through her artistic research practice, she makes artistic interventions in public space with mediums that are site-specific and stemming from research. Her work tells stories of people that are excluded from the dominant narratives, which are not reflected in the designed spaces of the city, its public squares and historical monuments.
MICHIEL BOT is an associate professor of Law and Humanities at Tilburg University, where he teaches courses on Imagining Justice; Legal Fictions; and Law in Society. His recent research revolves around the right to boycot, freedom of expression and assembly, censorship, the politics of undocumented migrants, municipal ID cards, and race, law, and the nationstate. His latest publication calls on Dutch universities to stop depoliticizing the destruction of Gaza. 

⌀ Date: Sunday 11 February
⌀ Duration: 15:00 — 16:00 
⌀ Free admission, R.S.V.P. required
⌀ Language: English
⌀ Location: RADIUS, Kalverbos 20
⌀ Please note that the location is not wheelchair accessible