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Sat 23 March


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RADIUS is pleased to participate in the new national philosophy festival FOR LOVE OF THE WORLD, organised by Studium Generale TU Delft, with a presentation by artist Alexandra Martens Serrano. The festival combines philosophy, art, and technology. For its first edition, the festival revolves around quantum mechanics, biology, poetry, posthumanism, and design. 

Alexandra Martens Serrano will present her Aquella Eterna Fuente (2024): a new sculptural work that speculates on an evolutionary timeline by taking into consideration elements such as geological shifting terrains, the transformation of flora and fauna throughout the ages—and the shared lineages with humans—as well as the entwined influences our technological society has across these simultaneous histories. This new work is a continuation of her triptych Aquella Eterna Fuente (Spanish for That Eternal Source), a personal reconsideration and translation of the Latin American imagery of the tree of life.

Aquella Eterna Fuente will be displayed at Theater de Veste for the duration of the festival. 

Alexandra Martens Serrano (SV/NL) is a post-disciplinary artist and researcher currently based in Amsterdam.
Through a continuous exploration of the multifaceted realms of knowledge and the narratives they create, Alexandra’s practice is a journey to understand how cosmologies are shaped, mediated, and shared in the present moment. She endeavours to create poetic counter-narratives that dismantle conventional hierarchies of knowledge by focusing on overlooked traditions, non-human viewpoints, mythologies, and non-western histories. Much like a cartographer of possible futures, her work is a testament to the transformative power of perspective. With each artwork, she offers glimpses into potential worlds, challenging viewers to question the boundaries and the constructs of our realities. Particularly exploring the relationship between technology, linguistics, history, and bio-politics, each of her works is a polyvocal ecosystem merging traditional techniques and diverse materials with digital software. Cultivated as vessels of alternative methods of thinking and communicating, Alexandra’s works are hybrid gestures in which various worlds may intersect and cross-pollinate.
Her education includes an MA with the roaming Dutch Art Institute in The Netherlands (2022), a BA in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (2014). She has been an artist in residence at Deltaworkers in New Orleans (2018), LAGOS in Mexico City (2019), Billytown in The Hague (2016) and POST in Arnhem (2021). Her work has been exhibited internationally in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, U.S.A, Germany, and Mexico. Her most recent presentations include a group exhibition at Espace LABO in Geneva (2023); a group show at Future Gallery in Berlin (2023); a solo presentation at Centrale Fies in Italy (2022) and a group show at MAMA in Rotterdam (2022). She is the recipient of the PRO Invest grant (2016 and 2019), the Pro Onderzoek (2018) and SPOT (2018) grants from STROOM in The Hague (NL); as well as the Stipendium for Emerging Artists (2017) from the Mondriaan Funds (NL).

⌀ Date: Saturday 23 of March 
⌀ Festival Hours: 15:00 – 21:00
⌀ Ticket: €24,50 (use the coupon code FLOTW015 for a discount of €5)
⌀ Language: Dutch/English
⌀ Location: Theater de Veste, Delft